Belonging Anew

By Marthe Høyheim Lægreid

“Listen: there’s a hell of a good universe next door; let’s go.”
- Cummings, E. E.

Belonging Anew takes the position of seeing new opportunities in the countryside and developing it in a way that is the best for the community. This involves changing attitudes and raising awareness around the problem of loss of biodiversity and the lack of use of local resources. Through measures in terms of resource understanding, identity building and self-sufficiency, the goal is for the users to create interaction in the form of activities with nature and the local community.

At a local level, the project seeks to create an area for activity and livelihood in a village with a children's village and social housing in the Philippines. It aims to facilitate a healthy and caring environment for children, adults and families from the slums. In cooperation with a Norwegian/Filipino aid and development organization called 4P For People, the inhabitants will learn about various processes in nature - from seed to product. By linking actions and activities to the site, one can improve municipal synergy and seek innovation in local resources. This is to gain a new understanding of the possibilities one can find in the Philippines.

How to facilitate so that communities can take action when it comes to understanding local resources, identity and self-sufficiency?

Step by step

Through a system of building componments the plan is to create a framework for the activity area. The use of the modules can be divided into three zones - gather, create and enjoy. The idea of ​​the modules is to facilitate more organized spaces to take care of the community, as well as produce job opportunities for future residents. In this way, the inhabitants will have the opportunity to create a livelihood for themselves through activities based on learning and development. The result is an area of ​​activity where one can experience an integrated variety of landscape, activities and community.

Sone 1 - Samle/Gather
Sone 1 - Samle/Gather
Sone 3 - Nytte/Enjoy

The System

By utilizing a system of building components, a
standardization begins to emerge. Since this project will be
constructed with volunteer and local untrained labor with
the oversight of trained professionals, this standardization
can help create an easy way to view the building and how
to construct it. Based on a grid, this will optimize the use of
the area, reduce waste and create short construction time.

By looking at the project as a system of components, it can
easily be translated into a work breakdown structure and
schedule for construction. Each part is constructed with its
predecessor and successor in mind. The modules can be
viewed as a series of different stages where only a single
component is added. This is to provide clarity and
understanding of construction for volunteers and untrained
workers. This is also an example of how the modules can be
used to expand the activity area as needed.

Sone 1 - Samle/Gather
Sone 2 - Skape/Create
Sone 3 - Nytte/Enjoy

Belonging Anew is based on the user's involvement in the natural environment. The goal is to facilitate different zones by creating a living environment where plants live close to the inhabitants. Here one can create interaction between inside and out by embracing the environment and using natural materials. In this way, one creates space for humans to experience nature more completely and intimately. This helps trigger the senses and the natural curiosity. Innovation, creativity and learning flourish in a community where sharing of new experiences is the focus. The result is an area of activity where people can experience an integrated variety of landscapes, activities and communities.



"The wood of the people. The Friend of the people. The brother".
- Farrelly, D., The Book of Bamboo

Marthe Høyheim Lægreid (NO)

Marthe Høyheim Lægreid (b. 1991) is a designer based in Bergen, specialized in space and object. Her design consists of simple form with a multi-functional concept. She wants to make people aware of our surroundings and the value that comes with it. ​​​Marthe holds a BA in Furniture Design and Interior Architecture. During her time at KMD she has been exhibiting at Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair and Bergen Design Fair. She has been experimenting and creating products from leftover materials and also been part of a team building a Children’s Village in the Philippines.