Do we need chairs?

By Gulleik Løvskar

To maintain its health and vitality the human body needs to be in constant motion. Any obstacles, any attempts to slow down or stop the body from moving, leads to deterioration and decline. To sustain dynamic equilibrium we need space more than physical support, a place to move more than chairs.Properly seated in our social devices we choose the civilized way, ignoring the fact that chairs have become our main obstruction.From nature we are equipped with the mechanisms and features we need to master any situation, all we need to do is listen and learn.I am exploring ways to combine modern life and technology with human physiology, setting new premises for making body/ environment conscious furniture.

Gulleik Løvskar (NO)

Gulleik Løvskar is a designer and maker who has been exploring the relationship between furniture and the human body since 1997. First as subtle features on his bespoke furniture orders, later larger noncommercial projects such as: The bended sofa project from 2013.
He was working as a teacher and workshop technician at the Iceland University of the Arts from 2004 to 2015, giving lectures and courses to the Product design, Architect and Fine Art departments. He is currently in the MA program in design at the University of Bergen, exploring design related to the human body.